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UK STATIONS in need of a Sponsor: The following Stations are still in need of a Sponsor.

Alconbury  …Hartland Point … Nocton Hall …  Port Ellen … Pucklechurch … Shawbury … St Athan … St Mawgan … Stanbridge … Staxton Wold …  Swanton Morley … Thatcham … Upper Heyford … Uxbridge … West Drayton … Woodvale … Wythall

OVERSEAS STATIONS in need of a Sponsor: The following Stations are still in need of a Sponsor.

Salalah … Steamer Point … Sylt

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Military Airfields of Britain (MAB)

During World War Two Britain was a giant aircraft carrier – with hundreds of airfields across the length and breadth of the island. From the fighter bases crucial in the Battle of Britain, to the large number of bomber airfields from which Bomber Command and the USAAF 8th Air Force took the war to the enemy, whilst coastal airfields too on submarines and enemy shipping, and from the latter part of the war paratroop carriers and glider tugs took Airborne Divisions to battles in Europe. And of course we cannot ignore the training and support bases.

If you are interested in the history of UK military airfields you will find the Military Airfields of Britain series from Ken Delve/Aviation History Research Centre a valuable source of information.

In our articles section of RAFHT we will be featuring airfields for which badges were granted – although that is a small number of the 1,000 or so airfields and landing grounds in the UK!