There are still a number of badges in need of sponsorship from what we have grouped as ‘other flying units’, some were operational units, some development, trials or tactics.

Use the search to view an existing badge and its history, or browse through the badges below and click on one to go to the details.

Even if the badge you wanted is sponsored, you can help us by sponsoring a different badge or making a donation we can use towards ‘less popular’ badges to help us complete the Collection

The following ‘other flying units’ still need a sponsor:

1310 Flight … 84 Gp Comms Sqn … No.1 PRU … Aerospace Research Squadron … Aircraft Torpedo Development Unit (ATDU) … Bomber Command Development Unit (BCDU) … Bombing Trials Unit (BTU) … Coastal Command Fighter Affiliation Unit (CCAFU) … Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing … Maintenance Command Comms Sqn … Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (MAEE) … Meteorological Research Flight (MRF) … Metropolitan Comms Sqn … Radar Research Flying Unit (RRFU) … RAF Memorial Flight … Southern Comms Sqn .. Telecommunications Flying Unit (TFU)