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Airfield Location Map

The airfield map shown here covers the military airfields in the United Kingdom World War Two and post-1945. Some of the airfields were in use during World War One and the inter-war period, but no attempt has yet been made to add all the World War One locations. Each entry will be linked to an information page for the airfield, which will include the RAF Station badge for those airfields that had a badge. We are still looking for sponsors for a number of badges.

Updates: It is work-in-progress and not all airfields have yet been added; if one of you know of has been missed, or the location pin is not accurate, please let us know. The map has been provided by the Aviation History Research Centre (AHRC) and they are looking for researchers with knowledge of each airfield and who can create and maintain the database for that airfield. email and we will pass on your details.

Overseas: The RAFHT is also working on a map for RAF airfields overseas, and we will add this once it is ready!



Air Base England: Airfields of the Mighty Eighth in World War Two – Part 1: the Bomber Bases

The latest airfield book from Ken Delve and the Aviation History Research Centre covers the Bomber Groups of the 8th AF; this is based on the author’s earlier series Military Airfields of Britain (8 volumes) but with greatly expanded text of the USAAF use of the airfields covered. This volume is 90,000 words + plans and photos; it is available on Kindle and as an Amazon paperback.