Blazon: Perched on a Key wards to the dexter Or an Owl grasping with the dexter claw a Quill pen point downwards all proper

Link: An owl is included as a symbol of learning and wisdom. The pen and key are introduced to suggest the recording and knowledge imparted at the school.

Date of Issue: This is an unofficial version of the badge granted to the School of Education in April 1967 which was adopted when the School was renamed in…

Motto: Latin: Docti docere discite – Ye learned ones, now learn to teach

History: Formed as the RAF School of Education at Wellesbourne Mountford on 7 January 1948, was also known as the School of Education & Training Support. Fate unrecorded but thought to have been absorbed into the Defence Centre for Training Support at Halton on 1 October 2003.


Sponsored by Gp Capt R. C. Travis, MBE, OC RAF SOETS 1983-1984