Blazon: An Eagle displayed wings inverted Or holding in each claw a Flash of Lightning Gules

Link: The badge is symbolic of an aircraft fitted with radio apparatus. The eagle holding flashes of lightning in both claws also symbolises the reliance the service places on radio apparatus.

Date of Issue: This is an unofficial version of the badge for Telecommunications Flying Unit authorised in March 1943, which has been in use by the Radar Research Flying Unit after its name was changed on 1 November 1955

Motto: Latin: Fide et fortitudine – Strong and true

History: RRFU formed as Special Duty Flight at St Athan from Station Flight Perth on 14 November 1939. It was re-designated Telecommunications Flying Unit at Hurn on 10 November 1941. Renamed Radar Research Flying Unit at Defford on 1 November 1955, becoming Radar Research Squadron on its transfer to RAE Bedford in 1977 before being incorporated into the DRA/DERA in 1991.


Commissioned by Canberra WT333 Operating Team and dedicated to all who served and worked on the Unit