Blazon: In front of a Terrestrial Globe Azure/Argent a winged Lion rampant grasping a Spear all Or

Link: The badge is a Close Copy of the badge of Air Command and the winged lion, representing air power, standing in front of the terrestrial globe symbolises the global reach of modern air power. The head of the spear alludes to a deliberately small, yet precisely honed cutting edge; lethal when applied with precision whether at short or long range. The stout shaft represents those who support, guide and propel the cutting edge to deliver the reach, stability and lethality needed.

Date of Issue: This was a Close Copy of the badge for Air Command which was granted in 2008

Motto: Latin: Fortis ubique volantis – Flying bravely everywhere

History: RAF Station Croughton was acquired by Brackley on 4 October 1938 for use as a satellite station and was named Croughton in 1941. It transferred to the USAF in 1951 and remains current under their control.


Sponsored by Just Wood and dedicated to all who served at RAF Station Chessington