Tactical Communications Wing

Awarded: CC No 38 Group TCW

Blazon: In front of a Flash of Lightning in bend Azure a Rock Dove volant recursant wings extended in bend sinister proper.

Link: The dove is symbolic of peaceful communications whilst the flash represents signalling by electricity.

Date of Issue: This is a Close Copy, authorised in July 1982, of the badge of No. 38 Group Tactical Communications Wing (authorised in November 1973)

Motto: Latin: Ubique loquimur – We speak everywhere.

History: Formed 26 June 1962 as 38 Group Support Unit at Odiham; re-designated 38 Group Tactical Communications Wing on 14 December 1970. Remains current as Tactical Communications Wing.

Sponsored by Mr. Phil Caswell in recognition and appreciation of the friendship, support and esprit de corps experienced by all who have served on TCW.  Memorable postings never forgotten.  Ubique Loquimur