Glasgow & Strathclyde UAS

Awarded: Unofficial copy of Glasgow UAS badge

Blazon: In front of a Sword erect the point upwards Argent hilted and pomelled Or a grey Dove volant in bend holding in the beak a Sprig of Olive Vert fructed Sable

Link: A dove carrying an olive branch is introduced in this badge to suggest peace, the sword to indicate the squadron’s function in preparing for war.

Date of Issue: The badge was authorised for Glasgow University Air Squadron in June 1948, but there is no record in the Badge Register of a Close Copy being formally authorised for the Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde Air Squadron.

History: The squadron was formed as Glasgow University Air Squadron on 13 January 1941. On 1 January 1965, when the Royal College of Science and Technology became Strathclyde University, the squadron was renamed to its current name to reflect this change and it remains current.

Sponsored by the McGugan family.