Awarded: February 1950

Blazon: In front of a Portcullis Azure a Torch Or enflamed Gules

Link: The portcullis has appeared in the Arms of Bridgnorth since the 17th Century. The torch symbolises learning.

Motto: Latin: Haec Porta Moenia Viri – This is the gate, the walls are men.

History: Formed Morecambe 5 January 1940 as No 7 Recruit Centre; moved Bridgnorth 1 October 1946 and renamed No 7 School of Recruit Training on 1 November 1948. Moved to Swinderby in 1963 and on 18 August 1970 renamed RAF School of Recruit Training. In December 1993, moved to Halton where it remains current.

Sponsored by Aubrey S Nelson and dedicated to all the Drill Instructors at the School.