Blazon: A Hot-trod in bend couped proper.

Link: The “hot-trod” – an ancient signalling device consisting of burning rushes tied around a spear and used by the Northumbrians during the Border Wars – was chosen by the unit as representing its function of signalling.

Date of Issue: The badge appears in the Register of Badges as being authorised for No 500 Signals Unit in January 1957 and although there is no formal record of it having been approved as a Close Copy, the Station’s own website claims this as having been authorised in 1959.

Motto: Latin: Semper in excubitu vigilans – Constantly alert and on the watch

History: Opened in 1940 as a decoy airfield to draw Luftwaffe aircraft away from Acklington, closing once that threat diminished. In March 1943 it was re-opened as a satellite to house No 57 Operational Training Unit, closing once again at the end of the War. It re-opened in June 1953 as No 500 Signals Unit became RAF Station Boulmer in 1957 and remains current.

Sponsored by Just Wood and dedicated to all who served at RAF Station Boulmer.