Awarded: July 1952

Blazon: A Terrestrial Globe Azure/Gules encircled by a Chain Or surmounted in chief of a Rose Argent and in base two Hunting Horns in saltire also Or.

Link: The unit was formed by amalgamating nos. 240 & 241 OCU’s and this past is shown by the hunting horns from Rutland where 240 OCU formed and the York Rose from 241 OCU, whilst the chain encircling the globe represents the trainees’ worldwide location once they leave the unit.

Motto: Latin: Hic bene docti ubique volant – Having been taught well here, they fly everywhere.

History: Formed 16 April 1951 at Dishforth from Nos 240 & 241 OCU. Renamed No 57 (Reserve) Squadron at Lyneham on 1 July 1992

Sponsored by the Members of the Blackburn Beverley Association and dedicated to those who served on 242 OCU.