Awarded: October 1937

Blazon: Cerberus Sable

Link: The mythical dog-like creature Cerberus was the watchdog of Hades and is considered suitable for a unit which claims to have barred the enemy’s way from both the front and rear during the German retreat in 1918.

Motto: Never failing.

History: Formed Harlaxton 15 August 1917 disbanded Cottesmore 27 February 1976.

Battle Honours: 1. Western Front 1918. 2. Amiens. 3. Lys. 4.Atlantic 1940-41. 5. Fortress Europe 1943-44. 6.Normandy 1944. 7. France & Germany 1944-45. 8. Rhine.

Commissioned by the 2nd TAF Medium Bombers Association and dedicated to those of our comrades who laid down their lives that   we may be free