Awarded: December 1955

Blazon: Within an Orle of Six Mullets Or a Terrestrial Globe Bleu Celeste/Azure

Link: The terrestrial globe is included because the squadron operates all around the world. The seven stars are indicative of the skies and have reference to the first Canberra being tested in operation. The stars are also thought to be appropriate with the motto.

Motto: Above all

History: Formed at Benson on 19 October 1942; disbanding there on 27 August 1945. Re-formed at Wyton on 17 May 1954, disbanding there on 1 October 1955. Re-formed on 1 November 1955 by re-designating No 1323 Flight at Wyton and was finally re-numbered No 21 Squadron at Upwood on 1 October 1958

Battle Honours: No Standard

Sponsored by Just Wood and dedicated to all who served with No 542 Squadron