Awarded: July 1936

Blazon: A Phoenix Or the Flames proper.

Link: The phoenix has been a motif used since 1928, symbolising rebirth after anything that the Squadron has been through.

Motto: Latin: Quid si coelum ruat – What if heaven falls.

History: Formed Gosport 9 June 1916. Current. Note:. Disbanded at Leuchars on 22 April 2008, after completion of the artwork.

Commissioned by Burton E Jacobs Jr. and dedicated to his mother, Nancy Hanks Cragen Jacobs, member (1944-47) US Nurse Cadet   Corps, St Luke’s University Hospital of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons New York, NY.

Battle Honours: 1.Western Front 1917-18. 2.Ypres 1917 3.Somme 1918. 4.Dunkirk. 5.Battle of Britain 1940. 6.France & Germany 1944-45. 7. Normandy 1944. 8.Arnhem. 9.Arras. 10. Cambrai 1917. 11. Amiens. 12.Hindenburg Line. 13.France & Low Countries 1940. 14.Fortress Europe 1942-44. 15. Dieppe. 16 Home Defence 1942-45