Awarded: November 1938 (BR47)

Blazon: In front of a Fountain a Demoiselle Crane’s head erased all proper.

Link: The unit served in Russia and the Sudan both places where the Demoiselle crane is found. The bird also flies like a bomber       aircraft, above the line of vision.

Motto: Latin: Nili nomen roboris omen – The name of the Nile is an omen of our strength.

History: Formed Beverley 1 March 1916

Sponsored by the 47 Sqn Association and dedicated to the Aircrews and Ground crews who have served on this great Sqn.

Battle Honours: 1. Macedonia 1916-18. 2. East Africa 1940-41. 3.Egypt & Libya 1942. 4.Mediterranean 1942-43. 5.Burma 1945. Note:. Was awarded its 6th Honour ‘Iraq 2003’ after completion of the artwork.