Awarded: December 1936 (BR32)

Blazon: A Hunting Horn Or stringed Azure

Link: The hunting horn indicates the role of the unit to hunt the enemy

Motto: Latin: Adeste comites – Rally round comrades.

History: Formed Netheravon 12 January 1916.

Commissioned by Burton E Jacobs Jr. and dedicated to his father, Lt Burton E Jacobs, combat veteran of the Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes- Alsace, Rhine and Central European campaigns while serving with the 90th Infantry Division, US Third Army.

Battle Honours: 1.Somme 1916-18. 2.Ypres 1917. 3. Amiens. 4.France & Low Countries 1939-40. 5.Battle of Britain 1940. 6. Dieppe. 7.North Africa 1942-43. 8.South East Europe 1944-45. 9. Western Front 1916-18. 10.Arras. 11. Home Defence 1940-42. 12.Italy 1943. NB. Was awarded 13th Honour ‘Iraq 2003’ after completion of the artwork.