Awarded: November 1936 (BR26)

Blazon: A Springbok’s head couped proper

Link: Formed a South African sqn operating in Africa in 1914-18, the device is symbolic of that relationship.

Motto: Afrikaans: ’N wagter in die lug – A guard in the sky.

History: Formed Netheravon 8 Oct 1915 from personnel of the South African Flying Unit disbanded 1 April 1976 at Wyton.

Commissioned by Dr Martin Roberts PhD and dedicated to all who served on this illustrious squadron.

Battle Honours: 1.East Africa 1916-18. 2.France & Low Countries 1939-40. 3.Dunkirk. 4.Fortress Europe 1940-44 5. Dieppe. 6. France & Germany 1944-45. 7. Normandy 1944. 8. Walcheren.