Awarded: June 1937 (BR24)

Blazon: A Blackcock proper.

Link: The Blackcock is a fast flying bird and symbolic of a communications squadron. It is shown in an aggressive attitude indicative of preparedness for conflict.

Motto: Latin: In omnia parati: Ready for all things.

History: Formed Hounslow Heath 1 September 1915.

Commissioned by Wg Cdr P N Oborn RAF, OC 24 Squadron and all the staff and cadets of 1244 Sqn ATC to mark the adoption of 1244 Sqn by 24 Sqn. This commission is dedicated to the Memory of Flt LT Ian Leddra RAF and all those members of 24 Squadron who have fallen whilst serving.

Battle Honours: 1. Western Front 1916-18. 2.Somme 1916. 3. Amiens. 4.Hindenburg Line. 5.France & Low Countries 1939-40. 6.Malta 1942. 7.North Africa 1942-43. 8.Burma 1944-45. 9.Somme 1918. 10.Italy 1943-44