Awarded: May 1937 (BR14)

Blazon: A Plate charged with a Cross Gules throughout winged Or surmounted by the head and shoulders of a suit of Armour also Or.

Link: The winged plate with the St George Cross is in reference to the Sqn’s service in Palestine in WWI when it was stationed near   the reputed burial site of the saint. The motto was suggested by the Emir Abdullah and comes from the Koran.

Motto: Arabic script: I spread my wings and keep my promise.

History: Formed Shoreham 3 February 1915 – remains current.

Commissioned by the Officers of No 14 Sqn in Memory of fallen colleagues who died keeping their promise.

Battle Honours: 1. Egypt 1915-17. 2. Arabia 1916-17. 3. Palestine 1917-18. 4. East Africa 1940-41. 5. Egypt & Libya 1941- 42. 6. Mediterranean 1941-43. 7. Sicily 1943. 8. Atlantic 1945. 9. Gaza. 10. Megiddo. 11. Gulf

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Winged Promises, 14 Squadron

Vincent Orange

RAF Benevolent Fund, 1996

Hardback 310pp