Awarded: February 1945 (BR177)

Blazon: In front of a Maltese Cross Or a Griffin sergeant per fess Argent and Gules armed and langued Azure

Link: The badge was selected by the squadron during the severe enemy attacks on Malta. The reason for the griffin was that this animal – half eagle and half lion –  was indicative of the co-operation between the air- and groundcrews in the defence of Malta and is shown in the country’s national colours.

Motto: Maltese: Ara fejn hu – Look where it is.

History: Formed at East Fortune on 21 October 1918 but the First World War ended before it could become operational and it disbanded on 14 April 1919. Reformed at Abingdon on 1 March 1938 and finally disbanded at Habbaniya on 1 May 1953

Sponsored by Just Wood and dedicated to all who served on No 185 Squadron

Battle Honours: No Standard