Our aim is to catalogue and preserve the heraldic badges of all RAF units past and present.

Glasgow & Strathclyde UAS

Glasgow & Strathclyde UAS Awarded: Unofficial copy of Glasgow UAS badge Blazon: In front of a Sword erect the point upwards Argent hilted and pomelled Or a grey Dove volant in bend holding in the beak a Sprig of Olive Vert fructed Sable Link: A dove carrying an...
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Tactical Communications Wing

Tactical Communications Wing Awarded: CC No 38 Group TCW Blazon: In front of a Flash of Lightning in bend Azure a Rock Dove volant recursant wings extended in bend sinister proper. Link: The dove is symbolic of peaceful communications whilst the flash represents...
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No. 4624 (County of Oxford) Movements Squadron

No. 4624 (County of Oxford) Movements Squadron Awarded: May 1985 Blazon: A pair of Wings conjoined in base Azure surmounting a Compass Rose of four Cardinal Points Or/Gules Link: The compass rose symbolises the Squadron’s worldwide deployment role within NATO...
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Institute of Aviation Medicine

Institute of Aviation Medicine Awarded: August 1962 Blazon: Daedalus proper wings Azure ascending into the Cosmos Or Link: The functions of this unit consist of study, testing and experiment in matters affecting the effects on man, and safeguarding air crews against...
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Inspectorate of Recruiting

Inspectorate of Recruiting Awarded: May 1946 Blazon: A Hurt enfiled by an Astral Crown Or Link: The Astral Crown is symbolic of all activities connected with aviation, in conjunction with a Hurt, the circular shape of which is reminiscent of the traditional ‘King’s...
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No. 16 Group

No. 16 Group Awarded: October 1951 Blazon: A Lion rampant Sable crowned with an Astral Crown Or holding in the forepaws a Trident of the second Link: The badge indicates the duties of the Group’s units – often over the sea Date of Issue: October 1951 Motto: We...
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No. 15 Group

No. 15 Group Awarded: July 1943 Blazon: In front of two Wings conjoined in base Or a Lymphad proper the sail charged with a demi-Sun Or Link: The badge is symbolic of the ancient ships used by the peoples who have inhabited the Isles from which this group now operates...
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RAF Wyton

RAF Wyton Awarded: October 1956 Blazon: A Sun in Splendour Or surmounted of a Bow fesswise the strings uppermost Sable overall a Sword point upwards Argent hilted and pomelled Or Link: The bow is introduced to suggest the proximity of Huntingdon, and the sun to...
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RAF Spadeadam

RAF Spadeadam Awarded: April 1984 Blazon: The Head of a Roebuck proper in front of an Escallop Argent Link: The escallop echoes the parabolic shape of all radar reflectors used by the station and also symbolic of the location as it occurs in the Arms of the Dacre...
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RAF Dishforth

RAF Dishforth Awarded: November 1954 Blazon: A Pack Horse Argent loaded Sable Link: The airfield is bounded on one side by the Great North Road upon which pack horses carried their burdens for centuries and a White Horse is carved on Sutton Bank, the nearest...
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